Hi! My name is Janet.

This blog exists because I wanted to find a space where I could keep track of all of the amazing places I have visited over the years. I'm a huge lover of good food and good wine. The aim of this space is to document all of my special memories at wonderful restaurants and wine farms, and to share these with you.

The blog is named "Just Janet" because I am literally just your average Joe (Janet)
exploring the food and wine venues in and around Cape Town.



I live in Cape Town with my husband, Gary, and my two naughty Staffies, Layla and Neo.

I have a day job as a high school English teacher. However, I am also passionate about writing (and food and wine!) and am excited to combine these interests on this blog.

If you're wondering about where you'd like to visit next for a Sunday lunch, or you're pondering about going wine tasting, have a look through the blog posts and pick one you fancy. 

I'd also be happy to write a blog post for restaurants and wine farms too!
If you'd like me to feature your venue, contact me and I'll be glad to pop round.

You can have a look at all of the places I have been to so far here.



All of the opinions on here are my own
(or of my husband, family and close friends who accompany me on my outings).
I am not a food or wine critic - I merely state what I enjoyed (or didn't).
All of the photographs on here are my own too.