Casa Bella – Delicious Italian, wood-fired pizzas

So we visited Casa Bella the other night as we had booked to see The Lord of the Dance show at the Grandwest Casino. (By the way, the show was amazing! They have moved on to Joburg now, but if they ever come back, you should definitely treat yourself and go and watch them. You will be glad!)

We chose Casa Bella for our dinner before the show, because we fancied a decent pizza and a glass of good wine and we were certainly not disappointed! What a cool spot! 

We opted for a white wine with our pizza, which we usually don't do - we'd rather opt for a red. But on their menu, they recommend pairing white wine with pizza, so we gave it a try. They have a pretty decent wine list (including cocktails, beers and MCCs), but we ended up choosing the Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc (see below) for R135. It's really crisp and fruity and very easy-drinking. Mostly Sauvignon Blanc, at 85%, it paired well with our pizza.

Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc
Cheese, Chili and Garlic (yum!)

We had a difficult time deciding on a pizza as there were just so many options. Their pizzas are different from your usual pizza spot, as they have been made with imported Italian pizza flour. The pizzas are then baked in a wood-fired pizza oven, making the bases really crispy and delicious! 

The Husband ordered a Pisa Pizza (see below) for R118. The toppings included Pancetta, Danish feta and avocado. It was super tasty! The bases look heavy, but they were really light, so you could eat a whole lot and not feel too full (winning!).


Pisa Pizza

I ended up choosing a Pizza Bread as I loved the sound of the flavours on the Caprese Pizza Bread (see below). For just R99, it was really yummy. It was prepared with garlic and herbs, and topped with Buffalo mozzarealla, freshly sliced tomato, basil leaves, avocado and basil pesto. I really loved it! The basil pesto was especially fantastic - I'd love to buy a bottle of it!

Caprese Pizza Bread

Overall, we had a great evening! I'd recommend popping in the next time you visit Grandwest Casino.

Contact: 021 534 0924
Address: Casa Bella Restaurant, Shop 30, GrandWest Casino Complex, Jakes Gerwel Drive, Goodwood

Star Rating: ****

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