De See Kat (Paternoster) – Amazing sushi spot!

Our last stop while on our weekend away in Paternoster (see previous post) was at De See Kat. It was recommended to me by a fellow foodie because of the amazing sushi they make! (We all know, I'm a huge sushi fan!)

De See Kat literally means The Sea Cat in English, and this is quite fitting as the restaurant has a large cat sculpture right outside (see cover photo).

The restaurant itself has a stunning setting (see below), overlooking the village of Paternoster, the beach and a large expanse of water. The views really are beautiful! Try to book a table outside on the patio, so that you are able to watch the waves while you eat.

How pretty is this view?

The restaurant has a wine list with some wines I have not tried before. We ended up choosing a Sumerton Sauvignon Blanc from Stellenbosch (see below) for R90. It was really light and refreshing and the grassy finish pairs well with seafood. They also have beers, ciders and various teas and coffees to choose from.

Sumerton Sauvignon Blanc
Wine and Awesome View

The sushi menu was very varied (especially for a small place like Paternoster). They had a few platters to choose from which had good combinations of different types of sushi.

I opted for the Copy Cat combo for R128 (see below). It consisted of 2 salmon sashimi, 2 salmon roses, 2 salmon nigiri and 2 salmon california rolls. I also added a portion of seared tuna sashimi for R50 because I just love that!

As you can see from the photo, it was presented beautifully! It looked so pretty, it was almost (but not really) a shame to eat it. The sushi was very fresh and really delicious! 

Sushi for Me!

The Husband opted for the same sushi platter as me (because he's a Copy Cat - get it?), but he added an extra prawn Fashion Sandwich for R50. He also added a Tiger's Eye roll for R50, as this was something we hadn't tried before. This type of sushi is a california roll with seared tuna and dijon mustard outside, and a vegetable combo inside.

This plate of food was equally delicious (see below) and we just couldn't get over the fact that you could get such wonderful, fresh sushi in such a small dorpie (town) like Paternoster!

Sushi for The Husband!

I would definitely go back for another visit! The sushi is quite pricey in comparison to some Cape Town places, but it's really up there in comparison with regards to flavour, freshness and presentation. You can consider it to be a treat whilst holiday-ing in Paternoster.

If you're not a sushi fan, there are other yummy-looking dishes to choose from, like; fish and chips, curries, pasta and steak and chips. They also have a decent selection of cakes.

Contact: 072 343 9793
Address: 32 St Augustine Drive, Paternoster, West Coast, Western Cape

Star Rating: ****


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