Druk My Niet – Relaunch after Devastating Fire


We visited Druk My Niet Wine Estate for a media event two weeks ago and I was completely blown away by the strength and perseverance within the owners of the estate, as well as the winemaker, in rebuilding the estate and restoring it in order to welcome the public back again.

On the 9th January 2017, just over a year ago, a devasting fire destroyed a large portion of the wine estate. The owners, Dorothee and Georg Kirchner lost their home, the three guest cottages at the top of the farm, the cellar and the farm foreman's cottage. The winemaker, Alexandra McFarlane, also lost her vines for the pending season.

How awful?

Luckily, they were the right people for such an event to happen to (if you know what I mean), because they showed such resilience in their determination to rebuild the farm. Alexandra got stuck into making a small quantity of Merlot Rosé and 'C68' Chenin Blanc, by using some of the grapes from a neighbouring farm.

In the months that followed, the cottages were rebuilt and the cellar was restored - just in time for the 2018 harvest. Only time will tell what the long-term impact of the fire will be, but in the meantime, there are some lekker wines to taste!

We had our tasting in their beautiful tasting room (see below).

Tasting Room

The view from the room is lovely, although the weather was a bit miserable on the day we went. When we arrived, we each received a glass of MCC (see below) and it was humbling to look at the beautiful surroundings – you almost can’t quite believe there was such a massive fire last year.


We got to have a quick tour of the (new) cellar. On the right of the cellar, are the stainless steel tanks, and, on the left, are the wine barrels.

Stainless steel tanks
Barrels of delicious-ness

They also have these cool ceramic tanks!

After the quick tour, we went back to the tasting room to get ready for our wine tasting and lunch. The tables were set so beautifully! (See below)

How pretty is this?

First, we tasted the T3 from 2011, 2012 and 2013 (made by the previous winemaker). The T3 is a blend of Tinta Amarella, Tempranillo and Tannat – all relatively new varietals to me. Druk My Niet makes these ‘unusual’ varieties as it suits the soil types in that part of Paarl. I liked the fact that we were able to compare the three vintages and I found that I enjoyed the 2012 one the most.

We then got to taste Alexandra’s 2018 wines (the three varietals plus the T3) and these were truly great! Although very young, I can imagine that they will turn out beautifully. The T3 especially, was good. It has a more ‘feminine’ touch than the previous vintages as it is fruity and has a delicious red berry taste, perhaps due to the larger percentage of Tannat being present. I cannot wait for this bottle to be ready for drinking! I think Alexandra is doing marvelous things!

After our tasting, we started our lunch. (Check out the menu below). This type of food is right up my alley, so I really enjoyed it! The first course was paired with the Chenin Blanc (see below right).

How awesome is this menu?
C68 Chenin Blanc

The first course was a Trio of Tuna (see below) and it was super tasty and paired really well with the Chenin Blanc.

Trio of Tuna

For the second course, we had a Brandy Bisque (made with prawns and tomatoes) and this was paired with a Rosé (see below left).

The third course was a delicious Prawn and Chorizo warm salad (see below right) and this was paired with a Malbec. I thought the Malbec complimented the dish well as it brought out the spiciness in it.

I also managed to steal a photograph of the Power 3 - Georg and Dorothee Kirchner and Alexandra McFarlane (see below).

Brandy Bisque
Prawn & Chorizo
The Power 3

For the next course, we had a Kudu Fillet (see below) and this was paired with the T3 (the ‘old’ one – not the new one). Although this pairing was a good one, I’m personally not such a fan of the typically ‘gamey’ Kudu, so I much preferred the previous pairing.

Kudu Fillet

We then had a decadent dessert for the last course – Chocolate Mousse and Crème Brulee. It was paired with a Mirus wine and a Straw wine, which both complimented the dessert nicely. I did prefer the Mirus combination, though, as I prefer a drier wine with a sweet dessert because I find sweet and sweet together to be a bit much sometimes.


As if we hadn’t been spoilt enough, a cheese platter suddenly appeared out of nowhere! 😊 By then I was stuffed, but I really liked the cheese that looks like feta! (No idea what it's called.)

Cheese Platter

So as you can see, we had a really lovely day out! We were truly spoilt and it was honestly so humbling to meet people who have lost so much, but then pushed on through and managed to make a success out of the devastation.

Thank you so much to Dorothee and Georg and Alexandra for having us and to Pippa from On the Marque PR and Communications for arranging everything for us! It was a lekker day!

Contact: 0827584106
Email: alex@dmwnines.co.za
Address: Bodal Road, Daljosafat, Paarl, 7620
Website: http://www.dmnwines.co.za/

Star Rating: ****

Please note that wine tasting is by appointment only.

Note: I was invited to attend this invite by On the Marque PR & Communications and thus everything I received was complimentary. This review is thus solely based on this experience. 

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