Gibson’s – Burgers and Milkshakes for Days

Last month, The Husband and I headed out to town for a lekker lunch at Gibson’s at the V&A Waterfront. Now, if you know me, you’ll know I’m mostly a winelands girl, and so naturally I spend most of my time around vineyards, but occasionally, I venture out to “town”. And I just love going to the V&A Waterfront! I always enjoy feeling like a tourist in my own city and I love that feeling of getting caught up in that ‘touristy’ vibe, even if it’s only for a day.

Because I hadn’t been to a restaurant at the Waterfront for a good while, I was pleasantly surprised at the good range of restaurants in the strip that overlooks the harbour. There are some really trendy spots and Gibson’s is one of them. The view from the restaurant is just incredible! (See below.) If you visit, ask to book a table outside nearest to the water and then you can truly benefit from the awesome view.

Now because I am a wine fan, I simply had to check out their wine list.They have a fair spread between whites and reds and they offer at least one wine in each varietal (on their menu) by the glass. I ordered a glass of Laborie Chenin Blanc and was of course, happy as Larry. The Husband ordered a beer and was chuffed with his choice too. They have a range of draughts, ciders and craft beers to choose from.

We then had to order our food and, man, was this a challenge! There are SO many options! And you may think this is good thing (it is), but when you’re indecisive like me, it’s a good 30 minutes before you’ll actually place your order 🙂 When in doubt, pick whatever first tickled your fancy. Because you’ll more than likely end up choosing that one anyway.

There are pretty much three burger menus: Gourmet Beef Burgers, Designer Burgers and Rolls Royce Burgers. They get bigger, better and more pricey as you move along. There’s also a further choice between what size burger you would like – you have the option between a regular and a small.

The Husband is less indecisive than I am and quickly opted for the Governor’s De-Luxe Burger (regular, of course) at R168 with barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole and sweet mustard (see below). I wasn’t allowed to taste any, but it was apparently delicious and it all got demolished.

I was so chuffed to see that they have a menu option for us indecisive peeps. You can order three 80 gram sliders as your main meal for R139 (see below). They give you the option of the Gibson’s Burger as is, Gibson’s Burger with cheese and Gibson’s Burger with guacamole, and you can mix and match them as you please. I went with one of each, and this is really a great option to taste a bit of everything. All the burgers were delicious, but I particularly liked the burger with guacamole. And even the plain Gibson’s Burger was tasty – the burger itself was cooked nicely and the sauce is delicious.

All burgers come with chips, but I presume you can swop out the chips for a side salad instead. The chips were great though (see below). The only downside (for me) is that the portion size of the meal as a whole was massive! I can’t complain, because it IS what I ordered, but it was too much for me personally. You can either leave one whole burger to take home (which is what I did and I really recommend this!) or, you can share the burgers with a friend and order an extra side of chips. I saw two ladies at the table next to us doing this and I thought it was a really cool idea! I love the idea of sharing food and trying different things, so this is definitely on the cards for a girls date soon.

Then, you simply cannot go to Gibson’s and not order a milkshake! Firstly, if you scan the seating area quickly, you’ll probably see a milkshake on nearly every table and you will definitely experience fomo if you do not order one for yourself. Secondly, they have a whopping 217 milkshakes to choose from! Oh my gosh! Within those options, they also have a range from the cheaper, simpler milkshakes to their “freek” shakes, which are gigantic!

The Husband ordered a Donut and Coffee Millkshake with cinnamon for R55 and all I remember thinking was, “There is literally half a donut on top of that!” Like, what the actual! 🙂 Somehow he found space though, and he thoroughly enjoyed it! It tasted great, but if you’re iffy with texture, you may not enjoy the small donut bits inside. I liked the added cinnamon in this one.

I opted for a Peppermint Crisp milkshake and it was delicious! So tasty and right up my alley with the bits of Peppermint Crisp on top! I unfortunately couldn’t finish it all though, as I was so full. Next time, I’ll share a milkshake, I think. Or, JUST go to Gibson’s for a milkshake and not a milkshake AND a burger at once. Essentially, I reckon Gibson’s is a spot you visit more than once 🙂

Tip: Don’t leave any of your chips unattended! A mom from one of the other tables got up to help her child, and this sneaky fellow swiped one of her chips! (I told you they were good!) (P.S. I named him Steven Seagull – get it?) 🙂

Overall, we had a great lunch. We ate way too much, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves nonetheless and I would really recommend you pop in sometime as you definitely won’t be sorry.

Contact: 087 357 3465
Address: Shop 157 Lower Level, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Star Rating: ****

Note: We were invited to visit Gibson’s and thus we did not have to pay for our meal. This review is based solely on this experience.

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