Middelvlei – Braaibroodjie and Wine Pairing Experience

So, this post is a bit delayed, mostly because it is that awesome that I wanted to wait for the right moment to WOW you with it! 🙂 But also because I resigned from my job on the day I visited Middelvlei and things have been super crazy ever since! (On a side note: I am now going to be blogging full time! SO exciting! Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome things to come!)

But, back to Middelvlei... I was super chuffed to be invited to the opening of their new venue. They have completely renovated their tasting area and it is simply stunning! They have big, open spaces to chill out and taste some wines, along with a really cosy fireplace (see below).

Stunning, cosy tasting area inside

When we arrived, we received a glass of Hagelsberg Rosé (see below) - a yummy, fruity wine produced by the Momberg family from Middelvlei and exported overseas. It was delicious and I loved the light colour.

We also got to meet one of the Middelvlei family members (see below), who simply loved relaxing in front of the fire! 

Welcome drink
Chilling Out

The Middelvlei braai area has got to be one of the biggest I have ever seen (see below)! This is where all the magic happens!

Where the magic happens

On the day we visited, it was still rather chilly, so we sat inside. But the outside area is also really lovely (see below)! I can imagine that on a warm summer's day, it would be awesome to sit outside and relax on the grass after stuffing your face with all the delicious braai food!

Outside tasting area

During our visit, we got treated to a Braaibroodjie and Wine Pairing Experience (see below). And this was truly the most unique wine pairing that I have ever had. It is so typically South African and thus so authentic that I can't imagine any South African not loving it!

For those who don't know, a "braaibroodjie" is an Afrikaans word which essentially means a sandwich cooked on the braai/barbeque. It's a typical South African favourite and we love the smokey taste that you get from cooking it on the braai.

The pairing costs R100 and it is well worth that price! It consists of the following:
- The Middelvlei Unoaked Chardonnay is paired with a Snoek and Cottage Cheese Braaibroodjie
- The Middelvlei Free-run Pinotage is paired with a Boerewors and Mozzarella Braaibroodjie
- The Middelvlei Shiraz is paired with a Fig and Brie Braaibroodjie

Awesome Wine Pairing

My favourite pairing was the Pinotage and Boerewors and Mozarella Braaibroodjie pairing (see below).

I absolutely loved the Pinotage! It has lovely, fruity flavours of raspberries and mulberries and a gentle oaky spice. I also like the deep ruby colour of the wine. I've also never tried a "free-run" wine before. (Well, not that I know of anyway). A free-run wine is where the winery only uses the juices that are drained naturally off the freshly crushed grapes. I guess that would make the juice slightly sweeter, as you are only using what is naturally ripe and ready. The wine was then matured in second fill oak barrels for 10 months, giving it a delicious, but not too strong, oakiness.

This wine paired perfectly with the braaibroodjie! The boerewors (sausage) was delicious and the added ingredient of chutney made this braaibroodjie so yummy! I could have eaten a whole plate of those!

My favourite pairing

Other than the pairing options (there is also another exciting pairing option), you can also have a traditional Boerebraai for lunch! 

The Middelvlei Boerebraai costs R198 per person and it includes a starter and a main. You can check out their menu here. They have a whole range of yummy dishes to choose from!

If you're not into everything on their braai menu, they also have the option of a Low Carb Braai and a Vegetarian Braai too (see below).

Low Carb Option
Vegetarian Option

We were treated to their traditional Boerebraai and oh my goodness, it was amazing (see below)! The meat was cooked perfectly and I loved the boerewors and the sweet Honey and Mustard sauce on the chicken sosaties (kebabs). 

The side salads and pumpkin fritters were also delicious! If you can pair all of that with a glass or two of the Pinotage, you're in for an awesome afternoon!

Braai Time!
Digging In!

Overall, we had a lovely evening with good company too! The Momberg family are so welcoming and you really feel right at home. 

There are other, exciting activities to do on the estate. You can read up about them here. You can easily spend an entire day here, with the whole family, and get to experience so many wonderful things, from the wine pairings to the lunch to feeding the farm animals and even blending your own wine! 

You can visit them every single day from 12:00pm to 15:00pm for lunch and from 10:00am to 16:30pm for wine tasting.

Contact: +27 21 883 2565
Email: info@middelvlei.co.za 
Address: Flamingo Street, Stellenbosch, 7599
Website: http://www.middelvlei.co.za

Star Rating: ****

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