Mont Marie – Stunning views, delicious food and great service

Mont Marie has quickly become one of my new favourite places. I have been there three times in the past two months for two lunches and one breakfast. The restaurant is in such a stunning setting (see below) that it's very hard to keep from going back, especially when you can sit outside and stare at the beautiful views of the dam and mountains in the background. If you visit when there's little to no wind, you can see how pretty it is when the water reflects the mountains in the background. The restaurant serves really tasty, wholesome food and I've had great service all three times we have been there.

How beautiful is this?

We ordered a bottle of Klein DasBosch Sauvignon Blanc (see below) for R145. This whole Klein DasBosch range is special as it is quite limited and only sold in certain restaurants and shops. It is produced by Jan Boland Coetzee, a former South African rugby player - adding to it's unique appeal. The Klein DasBosch farm, home to Whitey Basson and his family, is a neighbour farm of Mont Marie, so I assume that's one of the reasons why we're privileged enough to taste their wine. (You can also ask for a wine tasting of the Klein DasBosch range at the restaurant.)

Klein DasBosch Sauvignon Blanc

For lunch, we opted for the 'fancier' meals. It is almost like there are two 'menus' for lunch - you can either order off the "Mains" section or the "Light Lunch" section. (The latter will be discussed below.) I ordered the Pork Belly (see below) for R165. We have ordered this dish twice now (once for The Husband and once for me) and it was equally delicious both times. It's served with an apple puree, apple cubes, a soy dressing and veggies. It's super tasty and, of course, it comes with a decent bit of crackling. (You can't have pork belly without crackling!).

The chef, Pieter Vlok, makes use of simple, locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, and manages to find a way to create dishes that look incredible, but still taste like home. Due to the fact that the ingredients depend on availability, the dishes may change slightly week to week, but the general feel of the dish remains the same (and still tastes delicious).

Pork Belly

This time, The Husband ordered a Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder (see below) for R175. It's served with cream cheese crushed baby potatoes, aubergine puree, jus, and garden greens - some of which are picked from the restaurant's very own herb garden situated outside the kitchen. This dish was also really tasty and the lamb was really tender due to it being slow-cooked. I also like the healthy feel of this dish (as opposed to the yummy-but-probably-bad-for-you pork belly crackling). I think I might give this meal a try next time (because obviously I'm going back).

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

As mentioned above, the restaurant also has a Light Lunch menu where you can order things like burgers, fish and chips, nachos, wraps and pizzas. This time, Granny joined us and she ordered the Smokey Joe Pizza (see below) for R95. It's toppings included smoked chicken, bacon, cranberry jam, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. The cranberry jam made the pizza unique and gave the pizza a good balance of sweet to cut through the salty bacon. (Yum!)

Smokey Joe Pizza

The dessert menu is very tempting. The dishes are all familiar but are presented in a very elegant manner. The Husband has a soft spot for soufflés, so he ordered a Lemon and Poppy Seed Soufflé (see below) for R75. It was really delicious, complete with the soft, gooey center. The ice cream it was served with was amazing - this time, it was a coconut-flavoured ice cream, but sometimes, it's a chocolate and hazelnut ice cream. Their ice creams are homemade and super yummy. (I'd recommend just ordering that if you're too full for a full dessert).

Lemon and Poppy Seed Soufflé

My aunt ordered the White Chocolate Parfait (see below) also for R75. This one was served with a coconut ice cream, granadilla sorbet, a fruit curd, coconut flakes, meringue, pistachio crumble and raspberries. It was really light and I particularly enjoyed the balance of the sweet meringues with the sorbet. I'd recommend this dessert if you like to have a variation of yummy flavours.

I've also had the crème brûlée before and it was also delicious. You can also order a cheese platter. I'm thinking of ordering a cheese platter if we would just like to do a wine tasting there. (It looks amazing!)

White Chocolate Parfait

As mentioned above, the restaurant also serves breakfasts. I think their breakfast menu is quite varied and reasonably-priced. You can order something as simple as a croissant, served with jam and cheese for R20 if that's what you fancy. We ordered the Eggs Benedict (see below left) for R85. It's perfectly balanced with not too much of the Hollandaise sauce, which can make it too rich. It's also great that it comes with Parma ham AND spinach, and not just one or the other, like many places offer.

If you're up for something fancy, you can order the Champagne Breakfast (see below right) for R150. We wanted to treat my step-mom for Mother's Day and so we opted for this breakfast. It comes with two fried eggs (mine are ordered cooked to death - sorry), sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, toast and a surprise hash brown (not on the menu). You also get an Americano, juice (I'd recommend the fresh orange juice) and a glass of Graham Beck Sparkling wine (which is awesome!). All of that together is really worth the R150.

Eggs Benedict
Champagne Breakfast

Overall, I truly love this place. The manager seems to have loads of energy and each time I have been there, I've seen her running around like crazy and checking on all the customers. She is observant and attentive and you really feel special there. The booking service is done professionally - you can book online and you get a SMS confirming your booking.

I've seen people fishing in the dam there, so I can imagine it would be quite pleasant to sit around the dam while tasting some wine and doing a spot of fishing. I've never seen anyone actually catch anything though! 

In winter, if you can't sit outside, that would be unfortunate because it really is beautiful. But they do have a large, light, open room inside with a cosy fireplace that makes it welcoming and inviting. 

They're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but are open for breakfast and lunch from Wednesday to Sunday from 08:30 to 15:00 and for dinner from Thursday to Saturday from 18:30 - 21:00. 

Contact: +27 21 880 0777
Address: Blaauklippen Road, Stellenbosch

Star Rating: *****


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