Product Review: Bader and Walters

So Bader and Walters is now up and running and I was so privileged to get a whole case to try out! (Being in this business has it's perks!)

The five bottles we received were:
- Sauvignon Blanc
- Shiraz Rosé
- Shiraz
- Pinotage
- Cabernet Sauvignon

Here's a pic of the generous line-up 🙂 

All the wines!

You may notice that there are only 5 bottles. That's because we got two bottles of the Rosé and so we drank that almost immediately to try it out 🙂 

The Bader and Wines Company - also found as BWines on their social media - is an international wine distributor. They have a passion for "handcrafting ultra-premium wines that accentuate the enjoyment of life".

Although their wines are internationally distributed, us locals can benefit too, as we can order online from their website. Each bottle costs just R55 so they are really affordable and can definitely be consumed on an every-day basis. 

Simply put: They are an unpretentious company offering wines that won't break the bank and that we can (more willingly) share with friends and family.

Shiraz Rosé and Shiraz

But are they good?

Well, for R55, yes! Although all had their good points, I was not much of a fan of the Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinotage. I found them both to be a bit too acidic for my palate.

However, I did enjoy the other three. And the Rosé was a winner with all who tried it. Out of the three, I would certainly buy the Rosé and the Cabernet Sauvignon again. And I think that, at R55, the Cab Sav is particularly enjoyable 🙂 But let's talk about the Rosé - that seems to be the most popular one by far.

Here's a pic of it...

Look at the pretty colour!

Firstly, the colour is so pretty! It kind of looks like strawberries before you taste it.

Speaking of strawberries, that's what it smells like 🙂 That, and candyfloss. Yum! Although it has sweet flavours, the wine is still a dry rosé, but slightly sweeter than your typical dry rosé. The aromas of strawberry and candyfloss carry through on the palate and your are left with an enjoyable flavour in your mouth. 

I'd really treat this as an every-day drinking wine - great for picnics with friends or just enjoying a glass while sitting outdoors.

Pass yourself a glass and chill...

I'd recommend ordering a few bottles to try out yourself. You can order from their website here

Note: I received the wines as a gift. This review is based entirely on my own experience and my personal preference of wine.


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