Sevruga Restaurant – Sushi, seafood and good service

I absolutely love going to the V&A Waterfront! I love the holiday-like vibe and the idea that you get to feel like a tourist in your own city! It's always a bustling hive of activity and you can be sure to find something exciting happening everywhere you look. (However, side note to locals: I do not recommend visiting in December or the school holidays - unless you like large crowds!)

The Husband came home very chuffed one day armed with a gift voucher for the V&A Waterfront. Of course, there are many wonderful shops inside the center itself, but our thoughts initially jumped to wondering where we could eat (naturally). We'd been to Sevruga before, but we decided to visit again, as although it is lovely, it is rather pricey for us usually.

The restaurant itself is very modern, with a New York-styled entrance and wooden floors. The inside has a fancy feel to it, but I prefer to sit outside in order to take in some of the Waterfront activity. The outside area is still acceptable for winter as they enclose the area and there are enough heaters to keep cosy.

If you're a sushi fan like we are, I'd recommend you visit Sevruga when they have their half-price sushi special. The special times are from 12:00 to 18:00 right through the week and for the whole day on Sunday (bonus!). Their special also includes half-price Dim Sum and cocktails! It's much more value for your hard-earned money to go during these special times.

We ordered a Green Plate (see below) as our starter. The plates aren't half-price, but they have a "special" price. This one was R175 and it's "normal" price is R272. The Green Plate includes 4 Salmon California Rolls, 4 Tuna California Rolls, 4 Tuna Crunch Rolls and 4 Rainbow Rolls (salmon inside and outside). The Tuna Crunch Rolls are simply the best! They make a usual 'California roll' with tuna tempura and cream cheese. It's then tempered again and served with mayo and sweet chilli sauce. It really is crunchy as the name suggests and the cream cheese and tuna pair so well together! (Note: They are very addictive!) Along with the Green Plate, I also ordered 4 pieces of Seared Tuna Sashimi because I just love it! They use a spicy spice mix over the tuna and add sesame seeds so it's really delicious.

Sushi: Green Plate plus Tuna Sashimi

Currently, Sevruga is adapting their wine list, so we couldn't order two of the bottles of Sauvignon Blanc we ideally wanted. But we ordered the KWV Chenin Blanc instead as it's always enjoyable and refreshing.

For the main course, I ordered a starter because I can't eat that much (all at the same time). I ordered a delicious Crayfish and Prawn Tian for R145 (see below). It's served with (lots of) avocado, tomato salsa and baby leaves. I loved the addition of the crunchy sesame seed wafer and the bits of caviar around the plate. It was very light, tasty and summery.

Crayfish and Prawn Tian

The Husband ordered the dish that I would have loved to eat if I had space: Sesame Seared Tuna Steak (see below). It was served with pan-fried Asian vegetables and a balsamic reduction. It was really as delicious as it looks! Very tasty and paired so well with the Asian veggies. You can order your tuna cooked to your liking, but I feel that to order it fully cooked is one of the worst things to do to it. Seared and served rare (or even medium-rare) is great! Although I truly love this dish and would love to eat it every day, it costs R235, so this was just a rare treat for The Husband. 

Sesame Seared Tuna Steak

You don't only have to order seafood. The restaurant offers a range of other dishes, like; lamb rack, fillet steak, butter chicken curry and potato gnocchi. And, of course, they have many Dim Sum dishes to choose from, which look great.

We couldn't squeeze in (or afford - ha ha) dessert, but their desserts do look great! Their Deconstructed Key Lime Pie looks fantastic!

What I like about Sevruga is that you always get good service. The staff are friendly, efficient and attentive. For example, your wine is kept slightly away from you and the staff come to top you up when they see you are running low. (Side note: This can be a bad thing if you are trying to count the drinks you've had!) I also always have good, fresh sushi, so I never mind paying the bit extra for that.

If you're like us and you eat so much that you almost roll out, I suggest taking a stroll around the edge of the Waterfront. It's just so beautiful and there's so much to see. On a clear day, you can get a good look at Table Mountain (see below) and take in a bit of sunshine.

Table Mountain and the Harbour

Contact:  +27 (0)21 421 5134
Address: Shop 4, Quay 5, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town

Star Rating: *****

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