Sirocco: Knysna – Sushi, Oysters and Prawns at the Harbour


So we were recently very lucky to be able to go on a little holiday up the Garden Route. We stayed in Wilderness with good friends of ours in a stunning house overlooking the sea. During our (too short) stay, we ventured out and explored the surroundings. One of the places our friends suggested was this place, Sirocco, for their good seafood. 

Sirocco is situated on the water of the habour in Thesen Habour Town in Knysna. it was a rather chilly night when we went, but apparently, Sirocco is named after the warm wind that blows across the Mediterranean. It's really in a beautiful setting! 

Although they do serve cocktails, I'd recommend first popping into the Project Bar, which is above Sirocco to have a drink or two and watch the sunset. That place is really beautiful. Being a floor up, it has stunning views of the harbour. I'd definitely try and book this seating place (see below), where you not only have an amazing view, but you can also play a game of chess! How cool is that? I also loved the bottles of wine in a ring around the top. Very chic and creative!

Stunning spot at The Project Bar above Sirocco

Once you've had a cocktail (or a glass of wine or two) and watched the sun set, I'd head on down to Sirocco. We decided to bring our own wine because corkage was only R30 and we wanted to splurge a bit on the seafood, seeing as we were there, you know.

For starters, our friends ordered oysters (see below). You can order three different types of oysters: either Cocktail Coastal for R14 each, Medium Cultivated for R21 each, or Medium Coastal for R28 each. I'm certainly not an oyster fundi (I think I've only eaten them about 4 times in total), but I think it's better to buy the coastal ones only if you are in a coastal place so that they are super fresh. Otherwise, the cultivated ones are just as good. My friends ordered 6 of the Medium Coastal ones and they were great - served with the usual: black pepper, lemon and Tabasco sauce.


I was having a bit of a Seared Tuna Sashimi obsession, so I ordered that (see below) for R66. I do find their sushi to be expensive, so this was the only sushi I ordered. However, it was great and just what I felt like!

Seared Tuna Sashimi - Even the sun likes it 🙂 

Gary ordered the Tempura Prawns (see below) for R68. They are served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce and they were super crispy and tasty.

Tempura Prawn

For the main course, I ordered a massive plate of prawns (see below) for R165. One of my favourite things to do is to tuck into a big plate of prawns, with a good dipping sauce, and I usually eat every single one! This one was 18 small black tiger prawns, served with savoury rice and your choice of sauce out of: peri-peri, garlic butter and lemon butter. I chose the garlic butter because I have a small garlic obsession. This whole dish was just yum. The spring onion and tomato made a really nice extra touch. But it was the rice I was super impressed with. We all know rice can be a bit bland, but this rice was super tasty! I am mildly embarrassed to say I not only ate all the prawns, but I also finished all the rice. (I planned to go on a diet the next day).

Prawns and more Prawns

If you don't care much for seafood, Sirocco also offers pastas, pizzas and meat dishes. Their menu is quite varied and can pretty much cater for everyone. I'd definitely recommend popping round!

OVERALL RATING: (Based on a seafood restaurant): 85%

Food: 90% - Although a tad on the pricey side, the food was really good. I really enjoyed the prawns. You can treat yourself every now and then, right?
Wine Selection/Price: 80% - They have a vast selection of wines, MCCs, champagnes and whiskeys to choose from, plus a page of special wines which is something nice. However, we all know I'm a Diemersdal fan and the Sauvignon Blanc costs R64 in the shops currently, but R188 here. It's just too much of a mark-up for me. But, as I said, bring your own and corkage is only R30.
Service: 80% - We had a pleasant waitress. When my friend booked our table, she asked for us to be placed next to the window, which we weren't initially. Luckily, our waitress found another spot for us. The food was delivered quickly to our table too.
Ambiance: 90% - This venue is truly in a great spot - overlooking the water at the harbour.
Would I go back? Perhaps. If I'm in the area, I'd probably like to try somewhere new. But I would definitely recommend Sirocco to others.

Contact: 044 382 4874  
Address: TH 28, Thesen Harbour Town

Note: They also have a set menu option for R165 for this year. You can check it out here. (Also, the featured image I have as the cover is not of the restaurant. I couldn't get a decent photo of it, unless I paddled to the other side of the water. But their website has a beautiful pic.)

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