Tea Under The Trees – A Beautiful Tea Garden

So, occasionally, I go out and don't drink wine! (Yes, I know - hard to believe.) On those occasions, I drink tea! Also, on this particular day, we wanted to take our Granny out and she *really* likes tea (like, a lot).

I had never heard about Tea Under The Trees before, despite having gone wine tasting at places nearby. Luckily, my sister had been before, and suggested that we take Granny. So the three of us piled into the car and took a mini road-trip out to Paarl.

When we arrived, I was truly amazed by this place! It feels like you've stepped into a Mad Hatter's Tea Party! It's truly pretty! On the day we went, the weather was great, so we sat outside, but there is also the option of sitting on the terrace (see below).

Terrace Area

I personally feel that, provided the weather is nice, you should sit in the garden. As the name suggests, you should drink your tea under the trees. And it is so peaceful and relaxing in the breeze. The garden was well-kept with beautiful flowers (see below).

Garden Area

The little touches are really special, like the teapot used as a vase (see below right). Granny was in her element 🙂

Me and Granny
Tea Pot Vase

We took a while to decide what to order. They have a range of savoury things, like; sandwiches, wraps and salads. But they also have a range of sweets, like; cakes, brownies and scones. We ended up going with a bit of everything.

We ordered a cheese and ham sandwich (see below left) for R43. Granny said it was really tasty. I think the added lettuce helps to not make it dry. My sister and I tried the scones (see below right). I liked the fact that they were small and soft, as opposed to dense and heavy. The scones cost R38 for three, but because there were two of us who ordered the scones, they put them all together in one bowl.

Ham and Cheese Sarmie

The scones come with a selection of jams, butter and cream. We ordered some cheese too to get a bit of a savoury mix. The scones were really great - fresh and light. The jams were also delicious! I loved the strawberry one, in particular. 

There is a wide selection of teas to choose from, but I particularly enjoyed the homemade lemonade and the homemade iced tea (pictured below). Under the trees, surrounded by the pretty, quirky decor, you really feel like you are having your own tea party.

How pretty is this?

I'm one of those people who prefer savoury to sweet, so I chose not to order a dessert. (The jam and cream and scones was enough for me). But Granny loves sweet things a lot! She opted for the Farmstyle Apple Tart for R42 (see below right). It is served with cream or ice cream. Granny chose cream and thoroughly enjoyed her dessert. The grated apple made the tart more moist as it wasn't as heavy as it looks. (She ate it all!)

My sister chose the Chocolate Brownies for R40 (see below left). They also come with the option of ice cream or cream, and she opted for the former. They were really chocolatey (especially with the added chocolate sauce) - ideal for those with a big sweet tooth! She really enjoyed them.

They also have other cakes (not on the menu). On the day we went, there was a lemon meringue pie available for you to order.

Chocolate Brownies
Apple Tart

After your tea, you can wander around the beautiful venue. They have really pretty decor and added touches to make it feel really homely and rustic.


Inside the above building, is a little "shop", where you can buy antique things, like old tea sets and cutlery (see below).

Browsing Around

They also have a kiddies play area (see below) where they have some toys laid out that you can let your kids play with (while you supervise). You can sit close by and chill out while your kids get rid of their energy. (They also have a rabbit, that I assume your kids can pat).

Kiddies Play Area

If you are looking for something kid-free and quiet, you can easily sit on the other side of the garden, among the trees, and not really be bothered by the kids. The space is quite large. When we were there, we saw a lady peacefully reading a magazine and sipping on her cup of tea and she seemed quite tranquil.

Unfortunately, as with all outside venues, this spot is great in great weather. As a result, they are not open in winter. But, they do make an effort to accommodate you on the terrace or inside if the air is a bit chilly. I really think this is an awesome tea spot and I suggest you take your Granny (or Mom) too!

Contact: 072 871 9103
Email: info@teaunderthetrees.co.za
Address: Tea Under The Trees, St. Pieters Roche, Main Road, Paarl, 7646
Website: http://teaunderthetrees.co.za/

Star Rating: ****

Note: Tea Under The Trees did not know I was coming, and so this review is based entirely on my own experience of the venue.

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