The Square Spoon (Paternoster) – Delicious oysters, prawns and fish

So after a bit of a break (because some teachers have to mark in their holiday), The Husband and I headed to Paternoster for a weekend away. We stayed at Nieuview Cottage - a stunning cottage right on the sea with spectacular views.

We opted to try out the Square Spoon Restaurant for lunch and we were not disappointed! It's a really quaint place situated near the entrance to Paternoster itself. You can watch the bustling hive of activity that is Paternoster as you sit outside on the patio of the restaurant. 

The restaurant has quite a decent wine list, but we decided on the Darling Cellars Sauvignon Blanc (see below) for R96. It's quite fruity and pairs well with seafood.

Darling Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

I was keen to try their oysters so we started off with some of those (see below) for R20 each. (Side note: I am still not entirely convinced about oysters. I keep trying them in the hopes that I will acquire the taste, but that hasn't quite happened yet.)

These oysters were lovely though. The way they were served is slightly different than usual as it was accompanied with a shot glass full of delicious flavours of chilli, coriander and ginger. The bite of the chilli and ginger was great with the oysters. However, if this isn't your thing, the oysters are also served with the regular salt, black pepper, lemon and Tabasco sauce.

Oysters for starters

For the main course, I ordered 8 Grilled Prawns for R155 (see below). I opted for a garlic butter sauce, but they also have a coconut chilli sauce, which could be quite interesting. The prawns were truly fantastic! I loved them! They came out of their shell easily too, which is always a bonus. They had a great spice on them as well!

To accompany the prawns, you can choose two options from their various sides. They have quite a list! From their "Square" list, you can choose one of the following: chips, wedges, wasabi mash, 'normal' mash, coconut rice, cauliflower rice and marrow noodles. And then they have a "Spoon" list where you can choose one of the following: side salad, roasted vegetables or a vegetable stew. 

Because we both wanted something light, we opted for chips and a side salad. The chips were really tasty and had a nice spice, but the salad was really surprising. I expected your everyday-type side salad, but this one was something special - made with baby spinach, pomegranates, strawberries, carrots, bean sprouts, avocado, cucumber, blueberries, gooseberries and a yummy dressing. It was really fresh and delicious!

Delicious Prawns, Chips and Side Salad

The Husband decided to go all out and order a combo of Kinglip, prawns and calamari (see below) for R195, and also opted for the chips and side salad sides. Although everything was delicious, the Kingklip was particularly lovely - it was cooked perfectly and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kingklip, Calamari and Prawns, Chips and Side Salad

Overall, we had a really enjoyable experience! The owner was very friendly and warm and checked up on us often. The service from the rest of the staff was great too. I'd be sure to pop round again when I'm next in Paternoster.

Contact: +27 72 208 2047
Address: 66 St Augustine Street, Paternoster, Western Cape

Star Rating: ****

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